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wow your e90 is pure perfection.
1M bumper looks amazing, nice upgrade from performance!
Thanks! Definitely had to get used to it but I'm really in love with my new bumper. It's going to be sad when I post my performance one up for sale.
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nice set of photos and cars!
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O o o o o o o o okay Lamborghini Mercy [...] Amazing
Thanks bro!
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ahh HA!! found you you two been up to no good ahah. I might as well post again for

Alen e90 ... nice stance love those te37s!!! THANK you soo much for sharing ! love the pix!!!

for Yodaime DAT SHIETs ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! 1m bumperzzzz difffffzzzzzORNAOOOOOOO!!

for the black guy randy on american idol, yo dawwwwg i see lots of potential here...yo way to start it offf!!
You basically summed it all up, Tee! I think Sean and I need to pay you a visit in SoCal!
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Both gorgeous. Good shots as well.

If only you guys could not worry about those front plates.
Thanks! Yeah, my friend had his front plate because he lives in SF and I have mine because I have a fix it ticket for it and am getting it signed off.
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Both, cars are beatiful. I really like the e90 but im biased. Few things. I would wrap that chrome trim to black. Also i would remove some of the stickers.
Thanks! I used to have the shadow trim but it started peeling and I haven't gotten around to wrapping the top portion again. Also, I have a lot of stickers because of my sponsors and for support of the shops who have helped me since day 1. and of course 1013MM for the famous John Zhang!
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damn i love that 1M bumper. glad to see that not too many have it yet.
Thanks! Quite a bit of people have it in SoCal. If I remember correctly, I'm the only NorCal person with it on a non-1M.
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Nice rides...!!!
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Great looking cars! Well done.

Thank you!
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Two of my favorite wheels of all time. Nicely done men!
Thank you!
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That bumper mah gawd
haha. Thank you sir!
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Nice upgrade on the 1M for the black e90. Stance is on point for both cars.
Thank you!
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Stance is on point for both cars, but the e90 needs to get rid of all those stickers.
Thanks! Like I said above, the stickers are because are participate in a lot of the car shows in NorCal so it's good advertisement for sponsors and shops who I support.
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Truong y u no lower rear more? :\ Cars look great! What kind of "wide" are you going for next time around? 10.5 seems like a great, not overly done width!
I had to raise the car recently. I'm going to go lower as soon as I get my front lip on. I'm thinking about 10 or 10.5 in the front and something like 11.5 in the rear.
Originally Posted by project335i View Post
Go with 10 in front and atleast 11.5 rear you should be happy then
That's what I was looking at! I might step back up to 19's.
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nice cars