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Originally Posted by MrRager View Post
why does the black one hav stretch in the rear
I over compensated the stretch. Also, I was lower before so it helped out. My fenders are rolled.
Originally Posted by onesuperboi View Post
Nice pics and whips!

Representing Nor Cal.
Thanks bro!
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Can't get enough of the 1m front bumpers . Looks sooooo good!!
Originally Posted by Laid Black 335i View Post
Both cars look sick, but the stickers all over your ride kill it for me :/
Thanks. I stated already why I have all the stickers. To each their own.
Originally Posted by Ghost170 View Post
Your car looks great with those volks!! overall lookin good!
Thanks Andy!
Originally Posted by MrTerryliu View Post
why not? lol
freakin' Terry! We need to photoshoot soon!
Originally Posted by monkawekrue View Post
damn...e90 is sick!
Thank you!
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that e90 is sex.
Originally Posted by KayMo View Post
DAT E90!!!
Thank you!
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Originally Posted by 91Octane View Post
what... Don't listen to him ^^

You need more stickers to represent the booger racing team...
HAHAH! Boogerkids is actually a clothing company a good friend of mine owns and I was a booth car for them a few times at events.
Originally Posted by JWKC View Post
That e90 is so sexy...

Loving both cars...
Thank you!
Originally Posted by ~XxTeexX~ View Post
Ive heard that cemeteries makes for a great location for photos and just realized thats where you guys are lol. It just creeps me out being there
It was weird at first but then we got comfortable and kept shooting. We were also respectful to the property and surround residents. We didn't do anything retarded like burnouts or revving. We just wanted to use the nice scenery.
Originally Posted by MrRager View Post
seems like it should be lower if he's gonna run that much stretch.
I used to be lower but raised it because I have a new CF lip for the bumper. If I kept it slammed I would look static due to how low the 1M bumper already is without the lip.
Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Tight cars!

Maybe a stupid question, but why do a lot of guys that run a little poke/stretch esp w/Volks run 18 and not 19's?
Thanks! I'm not sure if a lot of people do but I do because of the aggressive offset and not having my fenders rolled. Also, the 18's face is more concave than 19.
Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
I've been waiting all day to see what these look like. At work and everything is blocked. But well worth the wait!!! Looks great!!!
haha. Thanks for enjoying the photos! If you want high res let me know!
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That e90!
Originally Posted by Addicted2Boost View Post
sick rides
Thank you!
Originally Posted by BoostedE90 View Post
Thank you sir!
Originally Posted by TeamSoloE93 View Post
Both cars are sick AF, but I don't understand why the E90 had to stretch so much especially in the rear. You can go with a fat tire to fill the void and it'll be super sick with a beefy setup.
Thank you! Like I stated above and before, I was lowered and miscalculated how much stretch I would need. I also thought about beefing up the tires and going for the 'track' inspired theme.
Originally Posted by creaminz View Post
Looks great. Need a lip asap!
Thanks Darren! The lip is still on my couch. I'll get it installed when I go to get my Recaros installed.