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Originally Posted by djgandy View Post
Hi all,

I was browsing a few cars last night and also playing around with BMW warranty costs. Because the warranty people don't like to just give you a nice table of what their prices are for given mileage and models I was just hammering number plates into their quote system. This system also asks for mileage too.

One of the cars, I put in is at my local BMW stealer and is listed there as having 48k on the clock. When I put it into the BMW warranty system it says that their last record of that car shows that it has at least 58k on the clock and will not quote me until I put in a mileage above that.

I don't know the full history of the car in question. When I first looked at it at the dealer my first impressions were that it was not a great example for a 48k 3 series conv, looked more like it had done 70k, or just sat out in the damp all its life. This is purely based on my intuition, but it just didn't look as good as many cars I've seen that have far higher mileages. The price also seemed quite cheap for a dealer considering the car has satnav etc.

Does any one know what could cause such a discrepancy? Could it have been clocked? The price seems too go to be true for a stealer.
Doesn't happen often, but an odometer discrepancy like that could be due to mis-reported mileage when their initial inspection on the trade-in is done, or when the salesman trades it in. Someone wasn't doing their job, basically.

The only alternative is something altogether more devious and illegal, and thats odometer tampering, which is very rare to see and even harder to pull off.

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