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so i finally picked up my "new" car.... its got 33k kms on it. drives great so far. totally different experience from driving the m3. its so much more raw. the fact that it has solid metal suspension bushings and links instead of rubber ones make the entire car just that much more connected to the road. i can literally feel every crease and bump in the road surface. not sure if thats a good thing or not but i have the oem pieces so i can always switch it back if i want a more comfortable ride.

exhaust noise isnt that loud. its actually pretty quiet around town. the car has an active exhaust so the tone actually changes when you put it into sport mode (more aggressive sound).

the fixed back race buckets are pretty comfortable, especially since i got used to driving my m3 with fixed back recaros. i have harnesses but they are tucked behind the seat when i drive on regular streets. will whip them out on the track.

the brakes are squeaky. i did check the life of the pad and its got 85% of meat still there. it might be the pad compound but it still bites even when cold so i guess its not a full on race pad.

the clutch has very little assist on it. its very very firm. i think tony with his Z4M wouldnt have a problem getting used to it but coming from a 'softie' m3, its quite a change.

there's no hill hold assist with this manual gearbox... i am ok with it. wife might have an issue driving the car.

no navigation in the car. just a simple radio/CD player. might install some sort of aftermarket nav/radio head unit at a later time. at least it has air con!! apparently there are quite a few of these cars out there without AC!

roll cage in the back means no space for putting much luggage or other crap behind me. i am kind of limited to the front trunk space. we'll see how i cope with this space constraint later on. it might be quite a challenge. the e92 has a lot of cargo space in comparison to this car. i'll have to figure out where to put my sausage dog when we go on road trips.

the car begs to go onto the track... off to mosport with tony and joel in a week!! cant wait!
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