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Angry No electrics! trying to source Rep. B+ cable

Hi All,

So for the past month I've been suffering from all my electrics intermittently going dead. I know the problem is where the battery cable connects to the fuse box, its a common issue apparently which the guys in this thread have also had ( view )

DIY Fix here ( view )

I usually get the car going by wiggling the red cable that runs into the fuse box but yesterday it was cutting out allot and i couldn't get it going again. it did eventually fire up again by itself but now i really need to get this sorted.

I'm trying to source a Rep. B+ Cable to do a DIY and just need to know if what i'm looking at is the right one.

this is the one I found:

this is the cable listed for my 2005 E90 320i N46 from with the following information:

01 Rep. cable, B+ / 4370MM / 61 12 9232801 / 2007/03 / 1.700 kg / 57 €
01 Rep. cable, B+ / 5910MM / 61 12 9232803 / 2007/03 / 2.290 kg / 64 €

I phoned my local BMW dealership to inquire about price and availability and he said that the first one listed ending "801" isn't available and he said the second one ending "803" wont fit my car!?? the guy at the dealership was being abit awkward and was just saying, "there's so many different cars and different cables" .... I understand that he didn't want to sell me the wrong part but it was getting frustrating.

So right know I'm stuck, i only need to cut the end off with the socket and solder that to the existing cable as shown in the DIY I linked too.

If anyone has done this already here in the UK or knows the correct cable to purchase any help would be much appreciated!



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