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Review - ModMy3 M-tech Rear bumper & M3 Rep. Front Bumper

MY M-tech Rear Bumper from ModMy3 Review

First off let me start off by saying this was my first time ever dealing with ModMy3 and they are great, wait hold on they are the best when it comes to customer service.

Marie is in charge of sales and is one of the best sales/customer service person you could ever ask for in this field. you all know how much we hate that person you get on the phone with to buy parts for your car whatever it may be and they just yes to death so they can make the sale, this is not case with ModMy3. Marie is so good at her job that after i purchased the rear M-tech bumper for my E90 a week later i purchased the front M3 bumper without even getting my rear one yet. ModMy3 and Marie made me feel so comfortable and confident with my purchase that i will keep doing business with them as there line of product progresses.

Ok now on to the Bumpers, so i purchased the M-tech rear bumper and the M3 rep. front bumper. off the back they looked amazing. they came packaged properly so your bumpers wont get damaged during shipping.

M-tech rear bumper Fitment - 10/10

I have an E90 pre-lci so you have two options you can either mod your exiting bumper guides or just purchase the guides for the newer models, i just had my body shop mod my guides so there were no fitment issues and everything went on smoothly, i know some of you are concerned that the M-tech rear does not come with PDC holes but your body shop should be able to make the holes for you without a problem. i had my shop do them for me and they came out great. here are some pics of the new bumper.

M3 Rep. Front Bumper Fitment - 10/10

I wanted to replace my front bumper to match the rear so i purchased the M3 Rep. front bumper to get that more aggressive look to my E90 and i am happy that this bumper came with the washer option for my headlights since they are stock on my oem bumper. Now most of you know that you will have to mod your brake and oil cooling ducts, you have two options for this also, you can just shave down the ducts until fitment is correct or you can eliminate them completely, i had my shop just shave them down because i did not want to loose the cooling benefits. the front bumper also comes with the bypass lines for the washers which is really simple to do. just pop off the stock line and pop in the new line, simple as that but be a little careful when popping in the new line to the oem unit don't apply to much pressure because you can break the provided line. all in all i love the way the bumper looks and fits nice and flush with everything. here are some pics of the new bumper.

All in all i love my purchases from ModMy3 they are a great company and Marie will make sure you get the correct product all the time and if you need to know a part number for something you will have to modify she will be more than happy to get you the part number. If your thinking about doing this upgrade to your car please make sure to check out i promise you will not be disappointed.
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