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Originally Posted by Helix Wildebeest View Post
If you look closely Wagner and Forge for that matter; you will see they have a history of directly (close enough to directly) copying other manufactures' developments. Look at Forge with Bailey Bypass valves. Look at Wagner vs. AWE intercoolers. This is not an honest or ethical business practice in my view. They are riding the coat tails of other companies R&D, make minimal changes (for the worse) ,and cut cost (usually a result of the downgraded changes). Obviously buy from whomever you wish, but know that this Chinese business practice will deter innovators from developing new products for you. You will end up with sub-par off the shelf junk to choose from.
I ave the ER intercooler and I am still switching to a can see the difference in build quality. The helix is just built better....I compared my ER to the helix and the welds and overall look off the intercooler is better. With that said I am in NO way saying the ER doesn't perform because it does but the helix has the total pkg looks/performance/build quality. I am in the progressed seeing how the ER tubing will line up with the helix and if the short ER pipe will fit with the helix piping if I decide to do away with the ER piping (I rather not).
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