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Originally Posted by VMRWheels View Post
If it's off an E46M, it'll have around a low offset rear. Maybe he got them mixed up, front 8.5 +38 and rear 9.5 +25 sounds about right? However, many E46M wheels on E90 threads here in the wheel&tire section. Generally rears are gonna be very aggresssive, fronts will work.
I just called him. He said its possible he got it backwards. LOL But thank you for the response. So the fronts should fit with no issues? And as far as the rears I understand what you mean by aggressive as they will be very flush with the fender. I am lowered on KW V1 coilovers. Do you believe the rears will actually fit or would I be in for a rude awakening? Im guessing tire size would be key to getting them to fit? Or will these wheels just not look like they belong on my car? thanks again.
2009 E92 BMW M3.