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The lights for Germany need to have an "E1" stamp on the lens. Its on the black strip when you open the trunk. AND yes, all cars registered in Germany will need YELLOW turn signals.

In order to get the rear brake fogs to work you only need the euro headlight switch. Roughly ~80 euros. Its easy to install yourself.

You do realize there are many other things you will need to comply with. You'll need tires made for the EU market. Speed rated and not older than five years.

The German TUV is very strict on testing other parts of the car. Since you need to get a "full Tuv" and German papers you are looking at at least a 200 euro inspection fee. And that's assuming your car passes.

Plus you will be taxed around 200 euros per year to register the car. Another 100 euros for lic plates and shipping fees. THEN you will need to pay a import duty or customs fee. That will be at least 19% of the car's value. I'd say its more likely that you will be paying around 30% taxes when you are all done with the process. Btw... gas is at 1.90 euro per liter right now for SuperPlus.

One other thing... I hope your car has M-sport with option #840. That will mean your car is limited to 250 kph instead of only 210 kph like all BMWs.

Its no wonder why most Germans drive a small displacement engine car that are good with fuel and low on taxes.