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I have a 2006, 325xi sedan, completely stock, automatic, and my water pump went out at 40826 miles, and also changed the thermostat,coolant for a total of $900.00 by an Indy in May 2012.

If you did replace your water pump, please also provide the following info:

a. at how many miles? 40826
b. how much did the repair cost (and indicate labor vs parts)? $250 labor,$680.00 parts, Total $930, negotiated to $900.00
c. was it replaced at indy or dealer? Indy
d. was there any other damage caused as a result? No
e. do you track your vehicle (canyon carving, street racing, backroads DOES NOT apply)? No
f. auto or manual? Auto
2006 Alpine ,325xi sedan,Terra, steptronic,Xenon,heated seats,Premium package

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