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Terrible detail from Classic Appreciation

Hey i just wanted to warn you guys about a terrible detail I received from Classic Appreciation in Rochester MI and the fact they don't stand by their work.

I took it there to get a complete detail, and after picking it up, noticed a new dull spot above the rear passenger door. I took it back to them a few days later to have them touch it up. One of the employees applied a clear liquid (Paint thinner?) to the spot with a rag and the clear coat began to bubble as I watched in horror. The employee stopped and quickly began trying to polish the damaged spot with no luck improving the damage.

The owner/manager came out to inspect it and basically said the paint had been blended in that spot before and its not their fault the clear coat peeled. He refused to fix the damage or even give me a discount on the detail or offer me any sort of solution to resolve the problem.

I attached a picture of the spot after they tried polishing it smooth again.
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