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Originally Posted by dr335e93 View Post
Don't let anyone touch your alignment except BMW. It takes 1.5 hours to align with weights in the front seats/rear seats etc. Highly specialized process. (not a Holden)
Cost at BMW: $95 incl wheel balance at kloster in Newcastle.

At your local joe-blow: $55 plus extra for wheel balance. And they are guaranteed to fuck it up.

I speak from my own experience.

I had enquired about it with North Shore BMW service and they had lube on hand (no pun intended) when they were expecting a response. If i had said yes i was going to walk out with an empty pocket and sore...Unfortunately it takes over 1.5 hours to do wheel alignment due to the electronic steering yadi yadi yada. I guess BMW went for soft steering so they can make money out of wheel alignments as well Don't know why there is so much difference in price, having an X5 should be no different in alignment cost to a 3 series??