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Originally Posted by NoQuarter View Post
If I was doing it, I would not code the whole car just to add sat radio. Touching too many things for my comfort.
I don't want to code the whole car. I just wanna code the certain modules that store the VO.

Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
Take what I say with a grain of salt since I'm new to coding myself but I never code the whole car.

I FA_write the modules that store the VO then individually code whatever module(s) I need.
Thats exactly what i wanna do. My mistake, i typed in process car instead of process ECU. I meant adding/removing the values i need and then hitting process ECU. I found a guide online but i'm not sure how valid it is. Seems legit.

Can any of you guys point me in the right direction for a cable? I tried ebay but most of them say 1998-2008 so they won't work on my car. Plus i don't wanna get a crappy one that could cause damage to my car.

Thanks for the replies guys
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