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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
One small message I'd like to say
When was the last time ( in the last 200 years) a country was even considering invading the states ?
Are we also protected against alien invasion?
Stampeding unicorns?
Or any other totally fictional scenario?

So I'm supposed to be thankful that millions of armed Americans are preventing the multitude of armies waiting at the borders, just aching to invade, if only you'd put down your guns?
And I'm supposed to be happy that the cost of that is that we have some mad man, shoot some innocent civilians, on a now weekly basis?
Is that the accepted cost of this security?

Call me crazy, but I'd rather have a little fear of invading armies, but not lose innocent people every few days, and take that as an acceptable cost.

I don't like to think of this, because I truely don't wish it on any of you.
But I wonder how you'd all feel if your kids, wives, loved ones, we're some of these people we hear about getting killed so often now.
Imagine if your kids went to the movies, and never came back, killed by a LEGALLY bought gun.
Would you still have that same gung-ho attitude?
There are millions and millions of firearms in the United States. Probably enough for almost every man woman and child to have one or two! And you know what happens everyday with those millions and millions of guns? NOTHING! Absolutely nothing.

Having them for whatever purpose far outweighs any downside. Nuts are nuts and if it wasn't a gun they use to do a "bad thing" it would be something else.

Additionally, I like having criminals and, yes, sometimes even the cops (who I love and respect), just a little bit cautious and respectful about banging on my door.

I've also been in some really dicey places out in the boonies where everybody was carrying. Funny how polite people are when that is the case.

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