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Originally Posted by scubasteve2365 View Post
How would one know that they aren't warped or aren't "too thin". I can get a micrometer/calipers to measure thickness but what determines too thin? How thick is a new rotor to spec (to gauge life)

I'm at 60k and was planning to do a full brake job myself. Brakes work really well now (other than dust) and if I don't need to pay ~$80 per wheel for new rotors, I'd be happy.
You'd feel it if your rotors are warped because your whole car would be shaking when you applied the brakes. Your rotor won't get "thinner" or have any kind of damage under usual wear. I think your indy shop was just looking to make some more $ off of you.

The main reason people change rotors are because they wait too long to change the brake pads and they grind the rotors up. Or because they wash the car when the rotors are super hot and warp the rotors.