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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post

I agree with Nack54 that the G37's low end feels sluggish which could be a problem because the low end is what you deal with everyday on a daily basis. The areas where the G37 shines are more top end once you get > 100 MPH, but it's totally useless for daily driving.

A 6MT G35 is generally considered to be faster in a straight line than even a G37, surprisingly.

That's weird that you guys say that. I have a 6MT G35, which I've done a bunch of bolt on's to pep it up. It's pretty quick. Every time it's serviced they give me a G37X auto sedan, and that thing feels way more torquey and quicker than my car though.

I have a friend with a G37Xs sedan though and he said that he couldn't keep up with me so who knows...