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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Like I said in my earlier post, the fact that you can see certain values in the full car backup does NOT mean they're actively used or even available on YOUR specific car with YOUR specific set of options and parameters. The full car backup contains a list of ALL options that are valid on EVERY car with EVERY option configuration that the revision of the BMW software running in your car supports -- so no, the fact that you see them there does NOT mean they will also exist in one of your modules.

I don't know off-hand what the VO code would be to change your car to a different region, but that's going to change a TON of things about your car, such as how the lights behave (to comply with laws in those countries about what sort of lights and light behaviors are allowed), and it may also cause a ton of errors from the car expecting Euro versions of various parts to be in your car when they're not. And no, even then you wouldn't necessarily see those values in KOMBI; it might just default to the behavior you want and still be non-configurable.

Trust me, it's not worth it for what you want to do. If you didn't already make sure you're running the latest ECU files for your chassis as I suggested earlier (which sometimes DOES surface new options in modules), then try that. If you did and they're still not showing, give up before you break something.
Ok, understand, thanks for your help so far.