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Well back from my 600 mile trip and the 335 is an awesome tow vehicle! Pulled my Seadoo perfectly could barely even tell it was back there! Gas mileage was pretty poor 21 mpg average vs 28 normal but it was a nice ride. I guess if i slowed down to 72 ish it would have been better but I was doing 80.

The best part was seeing everyones face at the launch ramp ( i was told by some country folk with a big f350 diesel that they were ready to pull my car out of the water) hahahaha yeah right.

The launch ramp was so easy, hill assist worked great. Made pulling the seadoo out of the water effortless plenty of time to work the clutch and not roll back one inch. I made sure to keep my tires out of the water.

But for under 200 bucks I could not be happier! Beats driving a beater truck!

Next thing I must do is plasti dip those trailer wheels!

Edit: The car is only riding so low because the back seat and truck was loaded to the max with tons of camping supplies. With just the seadoo on the back is only drop 1/4 an inch.
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