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Originally Posted by CVohra View Post
I installed mines 2 days ago and its okay, nothing amazing to be honest. My car pulls a lot more for sure, but the sound isn't as loud as i hoped it'd be. I always wondered why nobody put up a video of the intake noise while driving, its probably because the camera wouldn't catch the noise. It does make the whooshing noise followed by a slow sigh which is cool, but definitely not as loud unless you have other mods pushing out more PSI. I still say it was worth the buy because of the added pull and the cost isn't too bad.

Btw...while on the topic, can someone explain how removing the cowl cover will help the noise? and what the risk is if it is off. Thanks!
The sound is night and day with the cowl off, i mean you really hear the whoosh with it off, super loud. I just leave the cowl off and put the HVAC filter back on for a/c. the engine actually runs cooler as well as less heat is trapped. It was been raining insanely here past couple days and ive had no issues with any water getting in there. Terry runs his car with the cowl 24x7. Take it off and thank me later if you want more turbo sound.