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Originally Posted by HPF 335i #1 View Post
All I know is that I'm promised my car will be in my Drive way before I get back from my current deployment, and their goal is 600 WHP on pump only. So I'd say, May. But that's for further development past stage 1-2. The kits, stage 1-2 should be done before that.

As for as compensation, I'm sure Chris plans on contacting me soon in regards to that. However, all I can say at this point is that my wallet is not being effected by this situation. But I do agree that I now have an old car with little drive time. And yes, I'm currently less than satisfied with the current progress when compared to time given.

A lot has also been discussed over phone and by email between HPF and I. But again all i will say is that, if HPF was not taking care of me and making me feel comfortable, I would let them know and leave.

Chris and Josh are great guys, my "contract" has changed over the years, and I'm sure it will reach its last phase over the next few months. I trust HPF as a team to make me happy in the end.
We sent off the intake manifold to production. Woo hoo!! And Doc Race has the turbo manifold to be modified to work with the Vishnu system where the front and rear banks must be kept separate. Now we are pounding on Doc Race to fit it into their production schedule

335i Exhaust Systems are now In Stock!!!!

335i and 135i exhausts are in!! We’ll be sending them out to polishing and should be ready to fill any backorders early next week or any new orders (since we will have left overs!).