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Originally Posted by woptang22 View Post
I may be buying a used set of advan garde 310s off a friend that is getting rid of them dirt cheap. I currently have ICONZ 960s on my car. So the
310s will be a nice extra set and mainly for the winter. I was thinking of getting them powder coated a crazy color. My car is alpine white. THrow some ideas at me for color. I saw a guy in the NY forum selling the same wheels powder coated purple and they look sick. Just looking for something different as my "nice wheels" are for summer use only. So I thought maybe I could get a bit crazy with these wheels. Any ideas for color would be great.
Red or Red and Black mix with Red as the dominant color and Black as the edging or lip or window cutout colors.

I realize that these are not the wheels you chose but something along these lines of color combo.
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