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I have to put something clear here! I get a bit carried away sometimes

The PE is a Performance Sport Exhaust! It will make your car louder! It will transform your car into another type of car. An exhaust mod is a mod that shows to others that you drive a sporty car. And it sounds as one afterwarts

You will hear more exhaust sound in every RPM whenever you Rev it. Drone is a big word! I had a Remus once that could drive me crazy sometimes... The PE has very short moments, especially in low RPM in high gear when you push the throttle hard, were there is a "hint" of drone. But really not drone or rattling as you know it from lot of manufacturers!!!

For other people, your car will be loud! You will not think so with windows up. With windows down, you will hear the concert of 6-in-line But you will never hear it like others around you... Keep this in mind.

The PPK makes it burble and pop a lot. I like it that you can let it burble with the tip of your feet

I find it Did you check YouTube?
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