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Xi suspension- my $.02

Just sharing some experience tuning the suspension on an xi..
As you know, our cars tend to understeer.. The rwd's as well, but I think its worse on the awd platform..

In order to rectify this problem I first went and replaced the springs with Eibach ones.. I noticed the car was a bit more planted.. And there was significantly less body roll..

Step two was to replace the rear sway bar (what a flimsy POS) with an m3 one.. As was the recommendation from Sal at Autocouture to also replace the rear subframe bushings with m3 ones.. I did this probably six months ago.. So this is a bit overdue

What I've found is that the car feels SO much more balanced.. Understeer has been Dramatically reduced.. And dare I say it, i can even get the car to oversteer.. Turn in feels very sharp.. And the car feels the way it should have from the factory.. I will update this as soon as I install the Bilstein sports

I'm sure alot of you are running coilovers or lowering springs, but I HIGHLY recommend this mod.. It makes a big difference

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