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Originally Posted by tmo24 View Post
Is that plastidip overspray in the back tire in the very first pic? If so, you gotta clean that off ASAP! I like the matte white. I really wish you would have kept the shark fin black and the door handles and has door white. But if you like it, that's all that matters!
I can't see what you're talking about with the overspray, but after i took these pictures I went through a detailed walk around and cleaned every smudge and overspray off! Regarding the shark fin, door handles and gas door I can always change it up! Wrapping that shark fin was not easy at all though haha the gas door can be replace in literally 5 minutes. My gf doesn't like it either haha but I'm kinda digging the back door handles. I'm gonna look at pictures with the white door handles and see if ill switch it up. I'm wondering if the white plasti dip matches the matte white vinyl i have on here. Dipping the handles was much easier than trying to wrap it. As well as the fin too. I could've just dipped that.