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Originally Posted by MrBEEF View Post
hey Guys,

Did some searching and just want to make sure.

My wife was driving my E90 ('07, 68K mi) home from school. When she got cose to home batter symbol went on and steering is TOUGH..

Serpentine Belt gone? makes sense...

Also my question is:

- Car is certified pre-own (purchased May '09), has 100K mi warranty.

Will this be covered? I hope so but this is a normal ear and tear part right? Eh....

- How hard is this to do on my own. I am handy..have tools, bentley manual..just SUPER BUSY WITH WORK I AM SO MAD.

- if I pay much should I expect it to cost? 2 hrs labor + belt?

Yeah, it's the belt, but what was the cause that it broke. You can search the topic, but certian E90's are known for having an interferece issue with the PS pulley hitting the frame and damaging the belt, pump, frame. Some people have had problems with BMW covering the repair.