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Knock Retard after 5k rpm (Procede logs inside)

Hello, I have been experiencing this for some time regardless of fuel, map, settings.

This log is Stage 2 (Procede Rev3 5-23 maps OLF at 85%). Mods include DCI, Catless DPs, Cat-back exhaust. Ambient was about 91*F. 93 octane fuel. I know IATs are high, but I have seen the same KR at much lower IATs in the past. But this is probably worst case. Any suggestions or thoughts? I would hate to lower anything globally (IE boost or timing) since it is only occuring above 5k. I suppose I could try lowering IC way down to see what it does. But I have seen this with 100 octane in the past too. So I am thinking it is something else.
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