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Originally Posted by Dino355 View Post
Thanks Matrez.

Yeah I think 8m30s BTG is achievable on a clear run.

At 2m45s I was going at some serious speed through fox hole and as I usually take the line to cut the kerb over on the left at the top I didn't expect the Lotus to slow down so much! When you take that line (especially over that kerb at speed) you do get pushed over to the right. I also had that white Porsche wanting to overtake me too. The PBMW BBK definitely saved me, there is no way the standard brakes would have stopped me in time.

I've not driven a 335 for a long time so can't really comment on how their brakes compare to the PBMW ones.

Bilsteins are very good indeed but my car still feels too soft - I think M3 bushes and stiffer anti roll bars will fix that.
Yes, that was a real test for the P BBK and I could feel the braking power on the video lol You have installed the P BBK on the front only due to rears beeing not much better I suppose ?

The car has 258BHP which is enought for the track but I suppose you luck the power anyway, dont you ? If you had the 335i the power would not be any matter as the car is very tunable unlike the 330i with its superb naturally aspirated straight six you cant do anything.

The suspension and brakes are everything you need on the Ring so I suppose you do not think about selling your E90