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I have had my car wrapped for almost 2 years now and let me tell you guys its not the easiest to maintain. Every day till this day I have people come up to me or on the red light ask me how much they like it (even two different cops) but I tell everyone the same thing. Unless it is your weekend car and NOT an every day driver good luck up-keeping it! Especially dark grey. Every finger print, streek of water that you dont dry or runs down after you wash it and you dont dry it, every little scratch will show. Now I am one of those people that if I see a little scratch or a finger print I think others will as well so I clean it right away, I clean that shit every week and do small cleaning every day like removing BIRD SHIT. If you leave bird shit on regular paint we all know it will eat it ALIVE what do you think happens to vinyl? It will create a dark spot if you dont wash it off with (I use jhonsons baby shampoo) it does have any major chemicals so it does not ruin my vinyl. How do you get rid of scratches on vinyl? You dont you let that shit sit under the Sun a few times and it will fade away or become less noticeable. I found that out directly from 3M website. Not sure how much easier or harder white vinyl will be but thought I would let a lot of you know who are thinking about spending $2,500. If you get it done cheaper make sure its done right, I spent that much because of quality, people think my car is painted at car shows because they did a good job wrapping.

I know this is a lot to read but if you want to get your car wrapped you might want to pay attention...

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