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Local lads

I was talking to a couple off lads working on the salvage off the costa concordia . they are working 12hr days 7 days a week for 6 wks at a time then 2 weeks rest ,

They have built a huge ladder from steel to get on the hull and are working inside the boat they said with all the cutting and welding the temerature is 50 degrees and is only bearable due to the money .

They said there is a huge hammer breaking up the sea bed in the mid section and when it is flat enough they are going to try and build a steel support as they need to ensure it won't collapse around the mid section.

Smit salvage had the contract to remove all the heavy oil and then caretake the vessel until the main contract was awarded to salvage the ship, Titan Salvage have a large yard near where I work and are now the main contractor involved with the salvage ,

Robbie said there is a total ban on any Photos being taken but when he returns he is going to take a very small camera, I dont get why it is a secret . But maybe its a respect thing . interesting work Id love to have a look around