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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
well you don't HAVE to sell your car. Sure, its better, but you don't have too.

My dad is a big BMW guy, and growing up my dad has had M's and bmw coupes. We are 3 children, and that didn't stop him from getting the cars he enjoys.

That being said, my mom always had sedans(mostly 3 series and 5 series).

Most people think you need an SUV for a family, and unless you are messy or something, you don't really. Of course, it depends on your needs and wants . Being 6"1 now, I fit into the back of BMWS perfectly fine.

With a family of 5, 3 kids, we never owned an SUV until I turned 15 or 16 and thats because we got 3 cars instead of 2. I drove SUV while my dad enjoyed his M3 and my mom her Z4.

Granted, you have to pick your battles. If you have a coupe M3 then it will be extra effort to get the kids back there. But in the end, I would rather spend that extra time each day then having to drive an SUV :P.

That being said, there are definitely fine choices of cars