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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
why was she impounded?
Last Wednesday, I finished up work and got home. A few of my friends wanted to ride, so we went out. We were going to do our usual ride, twisties and nothing stupid.

One of the guys needs to fill up so we decide to go to a gas station in the vicinity first. A close friend of mine is leading and I am second, followed by two others further back. We come to a light and take a right. He is further ahead as he was able to leave the light first and I followed. As I took the right, I throttled it, nothing out of the ordinary except there supposedly happened to be a cop near by across the intersection that I didn't see.

Me and my friend pull into the local gas station and as soon as we get in there is a cop at the light beside it. He turns in and stop in front of me. Comes out and asks me for my info. I give him my paper work. Goes to his car and comes back, asks me to follow him and then requests I put my hands behind my back and cuffs me. In I go in the back of the cruiser.

He said he saw me gunning it but he was not able to radar me. He then followed and happened to see me at the station. He says it looked like I was going double the speed limit. Anything over 50km/h over posted speed limit classifies as racing in motherfucking Canada.

He says i'm getting charged with that and that he doesn't need radar proof to charge me with a racing charge. If he had me on radar he could charge me with racing and speeding.

He goes on to spin the entire story saying that I tried to hide at the gas station which is plain and open site. I said I never tried to run or hide. I didn't even know he was looking for me or after me as he didn't even turn his lights on or anything.

He said he didn't want to chase me and he said by chance I happened to be at the gas station, otherwise he would have never gotten me. He said this himself.

Now I have a court date for the end of October. My licence was suspended for 7 days and bike impounted for 7 days. Just got them back yesterday.