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Do you have any pics youd be able to send me so I can take a look? If so my email is
It seems as if Im getting mixed answers from everyone I ask. Ive also emailed companies that sell the avant garde 310s , some say it will work, some say its too aggressive. Is your car lowered at all and are you driving an e90? I know the 265/30 is recommended, but if I dont need to, Id rather stay away from fender rolling. Thats why I suggested 255/30. But in your opinion, do you think Id be ok with 255/30s, wheels with offset +22, a lowered car, and no fender rolling? I just dont want to go buying the wheels and tires if it wont work. I can mount the rim itself to see how it looks, but I wont be able to lower it to the ground since theres no tires. So Im assuming I wont get an accurate look at how close to the fender they will be.
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I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. I'm running 19x9.5" ET18 rear with 265/30 tires and I have absolutely no rubbing with a mild fender roll. For sure you'll be safe with 255.
2009 E92 BMW M3.