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Originally Posted by Mixalota
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The VO is stored in more places than CAS. Whatever modules show in NCS immediately after selecting your chassis should have FA_WRITE done to them. You'll also want to run a Process Car (make sure your MAN file is blank) to have any chance of that taking effect. Make sure you back up any other coding changes you've done since they'll likely be reset too.
I see the modules CAS, FRM and NFRM. So that means I have to use FA_WRITE for all three modules for every time I change or add an VO?

Can I add VO S548A (Kilometer cluster) to my imported US E92 because in live in Germany. The reason is because when I read the cluster settings there is no value to change miles to km/h. I think VO S548A will give me that feature to modify. Will that cause anything I haven't think about so far because of the current US settings?
Yes, any VO changes need to be written in all of those places -- although you'd only actually have FRM or NFRM in your car even though all 3 are listed in that first list.

No idea of the impact of that particular change, haven't tried it.
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