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Originally Posted by Alex@Helix
Originally Posted by medvec04 View Post
i mainly use 3m, but i hexis came out with new material that i sampled. why do u say that its not good?

It doesn't have enough tack to it at all. The stuff is garbage in my opinion. Ive only used it once and swore off of it, maybe the stuff I used was old and they came out with new stuff. Either way Ill never take a chance and buy Hexis vinyl again

I think 150$ is too cheap. If you offer someone 200$-220, they may go for it and actually do a good job. That fabric cf is difficult to work with and di-noc is expensive. Either way, it takes a long time or material costs a lot.
I'm sorry that u had a bad experience with it. But the material I have used had been fine I've never had a problem with it and they offer a great warranty with it as well. For as far as the price I was saying 150 cause I'm getting the vinyl at cost so I'm able to do it for cheaper. It only takes me about 1.5 to 2 hrs. Im trying to get people to do it.