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As go the specifics regarding size and offsets (what are offsets?), and whatnot, I have no idea. I can tell you about how to make a seemingly silly aesthetic selection work, but I can't tell you if the wheels will actually fit on the vehicle. The technical details aren't what I meant by bad implementation.

As goes the "aggressive" comments you've gotten, I think they might be relevant if the wheels were a standard silvery color, but they aren't. The size of the wheels aren't what's going to make the look aggressive. I'm quite sure that the wheels' size and the size's relationship to the wheel housing area isn't what's going to catch folks' eye. If I could get the wheels mounted with tires that don't rub the car's body or wheel housing, I wouldn't worry about the size.

To that end, I can offer that purple being dark, but not dark as black will "wear the car" less so than the lime green and orange wheels we see pictured above. The wheels are nice; the cars are nice, but neither is improved through the union. Red will also "wear the car" rather than the other way around, albeit less so that orange, lime or bright blue as there is at least already some red on the car.

If you can get white centers and/or a white ring around the outer edge of the wheel rim, either (ideally both) will help provide the balance you need to keep the look cohesive. Barring a splash of white on the wheels, go with the red for the reason I cited above. The wheels should complement/enhance the car. The car should not be a means to display the wheels. If you just like the wheels and want to display them, contact a sculptor and ask him/her to compose something original for you that incorporates the wheels, or even just one of them and put it in your foyer or game room, for it's clear you are interested in the wheels for your own enjoyment not everyone else's.

"Ricey?" I thought you wanted purple wheels, not white....I'm confused.

I would tend to agree with you about the price and just needing to make it work. It seems a very small price to pay for something that you enjoy looking at for its own sake.

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Tony thanks for the suggestions. I know some people on this forum look at my idea of "crazy" colored wheels as ricey. But Im just kind of going for "different." I have a stock set of 162s painted black by the previous owner which are ok. Im just tired of them. I love the ICONZ 960s with black centers and chrome lips I currently have on the car for the summer. But since my friend is selling the 310s so cheap, I thought hey, why not go over the top with a cool/crazy color. So far purple, electric blue and red are my top choices. But the most important thing is for me to make sure the rears will fit since they are off an e46 M3. Ive been asking questions and most people say it can work but will be aggressive. But some people are saying the rears at 19x9.5 and +22 offset just wont work. So Im a bit confused and not sure what to do. But for $250-$300 for a set of avant garde 310s, I just need to make it work. LOL Do you happen to have any idea if this setup will work on my e90 335i?

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Well, it's a white car; there's no bad color you can choose. However, you can choose a bad -- maybe "bad" is too about "less sophisticated" -- implementation of that color.

The wheels in the pics above are certainly nice ones,/ and the cars they wear are nice as well. Whatever you choose, don't let the wheels outshine the car. That's most easily accomplished by having white wheels or by having an appropriate amount of white or silver in the wheel, as opposed to, say, just screamin' green wheels. Screamin' green with white will be create a cohesive package for you. However, if that's not what you are after, as I didn't see any of these above, might I suggest: purple, yellow, chocolate, hot pink, or hot peach?

I just noticed you mentioned purple in your original post, but FWIW, it just popped into my head as something that'd be "different."

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