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Originally Posted by 802Bimmer
Thanks for the info! How are the Eibachs on the stock struts?? also how does the stance look, any reverse rake??

Originally Posted by BAL278 View Post
Just sharing some experience tuning the suspension on an xi..
As you know, our cars tend to understeer.. The rwd's as well, but I think its worse on the awd platform..

In order to rectify this problem I first went and replaced the springs with Eibach ones.. I noticed the car was a bit more planted.. And there was significantly less body roll..

Step two was to replace the rear sway bar (what a flimsy POS) with an m3 one.. As was the recommendation from Sal at Autocouture to also replace the rear subframe bushings with m3 ones.. I did this probably six months ago.. So this is a bit overdue

What I've found is that the car feels SO much more balanced.. Understeer has been Dramatically reduced.. And dare I say it, i can even get the car to oversteer.. Turn in feels very sharp.. And the car feels the way it should have from the factory.. I will update this as soon as I install the Bilstein sports

I'm sure alot of you are running coilovers or lowering springs, but I HIGHLY recommend this mod.. It makes a big difference
The eibachs on stock struts.. It is livable lol.. I would recommend to upgrade them, but the drop isnt as aggressive as HR (imo the perfect amount of drop) so the ride isnt as harsh as those

Stance is great.. Could benefit from upgraded shocks.. I will update this when the Bilsteins are on

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