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Originally Posted by .b0link View Post
In that case, sticky rubber, aftermarket suspension, exhausts, or anything else for that matter is not required.

Im no speed demon, but a quick shifter sure as hell makes riding easier.

On the street, yeah sorta pointless.

On the track....even the newbie can benifit from being able to upshift while cranked over in a turn without upsetting the suspension, or when coming out of a hard hairpin left transitioning into a 3rd gear right hander.

The quick shifter isn't valuable because it shifts fractions of a second faster than one could manually, but because it makes it safe, feasible, and easy to shift in situations where it would otherwise be dangerous, awkward, etc.

Edit: Also, I would say in terms of importance, quickshifter should come before slipper. Rev matching is not that difficult.
You can do the same thing by letting off the throttle for sec and shifting up without the clutch. I did it for years in CCS before there was quick shifters. Rev matching is not the reason for a slipper clutch. Let's say your bike does 65 miles an hour in first gear. You come in to a corner at 68 mph downshift to first and release the clutch prior to going in the rear wheel is going to start hopping because the transmission can not keep up. The slipper clutch will allow the rear to spin and get rid of the hop making it an easier transition into the corner. I'm not saying that you don't need this stuff what I'm saying is that someone who is not pushing the limits of their riding capabilities does not need it.