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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post

In that context, it makes sense to do track days with with standard shift pattern. I never understood on the contrary why anyone would want reverse pattern on the street (not saying you suggested this, by the way) as if you're riding to where you need it, you shouldn't be on the street.
To me, a shift pattern is a shift pattern, so what difference does it make what pattern someone uses on the street? I keep reading the statement that "reverse shifting isn't for the street." Honestly, what difference does it make on the street, especially in a negative-impact sort of way? I don't see any downside to reverse shifting on the street. Just because someone a long time ago picked "1 down 5 up" as the "standard" pattern doesn't mean it is better or worse than the other way around.

And as a single-bike owner, I'm not switching my bike between the two patterns based on riding street or track (even though it is stupidly simply to do on my bike.) That is a recipe for disaster. Pick one and use it exclusively. Otherwise, you could have a very bad day. 150 mph of a straight in 5th, near redline, and you mean to grab 6th but instead forget what pattern you are running (or forgot to swap it before the track day) and BAM! 4th gear grenades your engine and tosses your ass for a very nasty spill.

As for rev matching, I still try and do it, even with the slipper. It just makes the bike much more stable when I don't get it right (which is often.....) I can't seem to hold steady, hard braking and blipping the throttle at the same time. I either wind up pumping the brake (bad), or not braking quite hard enough (bad), or not getting enough of a blip and having engine braking cause the front end to dive (also bad.)
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