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BMW heard you and delivered...

Originally Posted by jb84 View Post
Just bought myself a 2006 325i SE and loving it!

However, I've got the basic audio system and basic headunit with no bluetooth.

The quality of the audio system isn't great and as such I was wondering if there is a simple way of upgrading it? Has anyone ascertained if it's the headunit or the stock speakers that are letting the system, or both? Would replacement of both be the way to go? I'm not looking for a massive system, just a neat upgrade to improve predominantly the bass and mid-range, but all round ideally.

Which leads me onto the bluetooth. If replacing/upgrading the headunit is on the cards, would it be possible to upgrade to a headunit with the BMW built in bluetooth capability? Ideally I would like to remain with the BMW kit, think it makes for an awesome interior finish and won't effect it's resale value.

Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) with upgrading any of the audio system kit?

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks a lot.