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Originally Posted by dm2008 View Post
Honesty 10k.. There is something strange i would think a dealer would give 14k with those miles if it passed inspection and all was right.... proceed with caution.

Which ever route you choose goodluck.
BMW Dealer wouldn't offer anything as they don't take salvage cars

Originally Posted by loveskiing View Post
I avoid salvage titles like the plague. There is an old adage that I live by that goes "sometimes the best deal is the one you don't make..."
Salvage means exactly that...that in the professional opinion of the insurance company there was damage in excess of what the car was worth to fix...usually that involves extensive damage to the frame which isn't corrected properly because someone wants to buy the car really cheaply, do the minimum to fix it and sell it to maximize their profit. Rarely do they take it to a frame shop and spend all the $$$ to get the car back to spec. One tip to watch out for is when someone tells you that they've driven it X miles with no problem. All that means is that they haven't encountered a drastic situation where if the structural integrity of the car was severely tested, the car might not perform as well as it should and are you willing to bet your life and limb on that?
Finally, if you still really want the car, spend the $$$, take it to the best independent frame shop and have a full inspection; plus take it to BWM and have a full pre-purchase inspection. The $$$ you spend up front, might save you lots of $$$ and perhaps much more in the long run IMHO.
I agree with the first bold..and really like that statement

But the second one is false (at least in CA)

If the price to repair a car is over 51%, the car is salvaged (frame damage no necessary)

So let's say they valued the car at $20k.... fender, bumper, hood, wheels, driver front suspension+brakes etc.... + labor/paint, yada yada yada... if that is all over 51%, they would salvage it.
This has been my experience with insurance companies and I do have family in the business.

And I disagree with the last bold.... BMW dealers don't do that great of a PPI... good independent shops are better. Last I checked, BMW Dealers don't do compression/leakdown tests etc etc. they look over the car for a little over an hour...

For $10k I'd buy it. Tear out the interior, install a full race cage, put some Motons on there, FMIC, DPs, JB4, etc etc etc, you get the idea :P