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Originally Posted by makkan00
Originally Posted by gunman168
I plan to upgrade my underseat woofer on my e90 (basic audio). Are there any good other 8" woofer choices other than the Earthquake SWS8X, with regards to being able to fit in the alloted space underseat? Something with value for money.

Thank you guys!
If you love mid bass, look for Jenherts.
If you like deep bass, look no further than Sws-8s.

If you don't/can't get a sub and like your deep bass the SWS would be better as technically its a sub. You'll still have a mid bass hole but depending on your music/tastes this might not matter.

Or if you think there might be a chance to get a sub in the future get a mid bass woofer, like the Jehnerts. At the moment I have a sub base hole but hopefully that will be sorted out in a few months