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Hi guys.....
A new problem arose soon after the installation....(like just 20mins after we installed the springs)
2 warning lights came on, one with a circle and triangle, and a bracketed exclamation mark.
The next day, when I brought the car for the alignment, I thought it would all be good and well. But it wasnt, they told me that the steering wheel angle sensors were bad, and that the car has no traction control whatsoever right now as it all works together as one unit. I dont know whether we messed it up or it just wasnt my day...He told me to bring it to bmw. I did so today, and I'm booked in for a diagnostics next wed. But right now they're telling me that it'll cost approx 1k to replace the steering angle sensor....
Does this sound like a replacement or reset to u guys?
Should I keep getting quotes from other shops?

Thx heapsss

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