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Originally Posted by cowbell View Post
Just got done with a long road trip with the kids. 6 Days

Started with full tank in Northern California, near Sacramento.
Day 1: NorCal -> Bend, OR; filled up, but still had over 1/4 tank. 35.3 MPG
Day 2: Bend - > Hermiston, OR
Day 4: Hermiston -> Portland; filled up, gas light just came on. 34.7 MPG
Day 5: Portland -> Grants Pass, OR
Day 6: Grants Pass -> NorCal (Made a stop at Shasta Lake to see the caverns and in Redding to see the Sundial Bridge)

Filled up at home, running on fumes with 5 miles to empty, 34.7 MPG

Now this was almost all freeway driving at or just above speed limit as I was trying to get exceptional MPG's.
I now have over 18K on the odometer.

When I first got the car we did a road trip from Norcal to San Diego. I managed over 39 MPG on that trip and I was not trying at that time.

All MPG calculated using iPhone app called Car Care.

I took car in for service yesterday and mentioned the decreased MPG since the recall was done. SA didn't really have much to say about why that recall would result in lower MPG's.
This is EXACTLY what I am talking about! These results are not much better than the 335i. I use to be able to throttle the car around town or on the highway and I could still achieve fantastic mileage -- I didn't have to TRY. My latest tank shows 15mpg's city!!! Granted that's calculated by the DME at an avg mph of 15, but still!

BMW sold us a car that performed at a certain level and after the sale they decide to change the game negatively impacting a certain performance charateristic for which many of us was the reason we bought the car. Sorry but BMW cannot do that...