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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
Is the coding a known process the guy in the referred link said he had to program the head unit as a Nav Unit option to get it to work. He also said
there was some concern about the BMW programmer working with the
car after setting it up this way.
So is there a programming sheet to set up for all the options you might
have such as Hi Fi versus L7 versus stereo . What does BMW charge for this unit ? Is it the cheapest most effective way and best way to get USB if you don't already have it depending on what configuration you already have?
Are there other benefits and downsides?
If the cost of the Head Unit is over about 600 bucks it looks like the Dension gateway 500 would be a better way to go.
Coding this particular OEM HU is no different than coding any other OEM HU. And coding a module not applicable in that particular model year has the same consequences at the dealership as coding a module not proper for the car.