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Originally Posted by Bluesnake01 View Post
Just the perfect thread!!!
Exactly what I was looking for, O.P you're a lifesaver!
Quick question though, I have the iDrive and the voice command feature alas no other options (phone, etc).
Now someone mentioned on not needing to rewire the microphone or add a new one since it is possible to use the voice command microphone. Another person said YOU DO need to rewire, so which is it?

Also, anyone know someone who will do BMW coding in or near Los Angeles?

Quick details
09 335i iDrive, Nav, no phone settings, no satellite, USB in center console, Voice Control available.

This is my first post on this forum and im already loving it!! Any help will be appreciated!!
Did you ever resolve this? I think you and I have the same setups in our cars. I have been looking to do this project for a while but it is hard to figure out exactly what I need (some say you need another mic, some say you don't) and there don't seem to be coders in LA (which seems strange given all the BMWs here!)

I may do the package from Bimmertech with the remote coding although it is 400.

Anyone have any info on coders in LA?