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Originally Posted by woptang22 View Post
Possibly someone here can help me. A friend of mine is selling a set of avant garde 310s for very cheap. But they are off an e46 M3. I have a e90 335i. THe front wheels seem to be the exact size I need, 19x8.5 et35. But the rears may be a bit aggressive. They are 19x9.5 et22. Ive been asking around the forum if these rear wheels will fit my car. Some people say yes, and some say no. I know the recommended tire size is 265/30/19 for these wheels. But if I was to use 255/30/19 or 245/30/19 would that allow these rears to fit my car without rubbing issues? I am also lowered on KW V1 coilovers. Ive called a few places in my area for fender rolling and it doesnt seem anyone is willing to roll my fenders. Plus I hear the paint can easily be cracked. So Im trying to see if someone can give me a concrete yes or no answer to let me know if these rears will work on my car. Any help would be appreciated.
Just buy those. I have 9.5 et22 rear. No rubbing, but i have 235 tyre. Im quite sure you can use 255/30/19 without problems. I can fit my fingers between my fender and tyre.
Im lowered with hr sport.