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Originally Posted by gjimmy
Now someone mentioned on not needing to rewire the microphone or add a new one since it is possible to use the voice command microphone. Another person said YOU DO need to rewire, so which is it?
Originally Posted by Bluesnake
Some say you need another mic, some say you don't.
You do not need to purchase a new mic if you already have voice control. However, you need to rewire the microphone connector behind the glovebox so your existing voice control mic can be used for Bluetooth as well.

When the wiring in the tunk and the coding were complete, I could make calls, but the other side could not hear me. After I rewired the connector behind glovebox, they could hear me. The pins are already there, but not in the right slots of the connector, so you just rearrange the pins on one side of the connecter. No cutting or soldering and it works perfectly. The guide in this thread shows how to do this.

Good luck!