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Originally Posted by jb84 View Post
Thanks for all the posts and info guys. To expand further (and not complicate the issue), I'm really not that fussed about bluetooth and usb. I will happily settle for a just an improvement in the quality of the audio. So what I'm asking is how easy is it to just upgrade the kit?

I have the headunit that the guy in this video ends up with, except it's definitely not producing anything I would describe as "professional" audio. See attached picture - that's the headunit I currently have.

I believe the current system in my car is the very basic system. 2 door speakers (no tweeters) and 2 rear speakers in the shelf behind the rear seats.

So, should I replace the headunit in order to improve the amp, and replace the speakers as well? I really like the OEM look and would love to keep it that way if possible.

I also have a large space with speakers cables lying around, on the passenger side, behind the trim in the boot. What's that all about?

Cheers in advance guys.
You need the Alpine OEM amp upgrade for a definitive improvement in sound quality. The OEM HU with built-in BT and USB only was suggested just because you asked for BT capability. The USB is just frosting.

Search for the Alpine OEM amp upgrade if you do not know what it is.