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Originally Posted by Crazylegs View Post
multiple threads to forged internals in early build N54. gets your facts right, later n54's 09 an up aren't forged where as earlier build were. how would you consider the N55 motor better? the N54 isn't an issue at all its surrounding components that have issues. IE: HPFP, LPFP........

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There is one thread about the N54 being forged in earlier years, then multiple other threads of people assuming it was forged from that one post, then it spread like wildfire on assumptions. How do I know? I work for BMW. I have disassesmbled BOTH the N54 and N55 motor many times. They are not forged, even the early ones, they were not forged. I have spoken to numerous BMW engineers about this as well to confirm. They also confirmed there was never a Forged piston/rod assembly in an N54 production motor. I know my facts, other then reading what people assume on the internet. I have first hand experience. If you read the thread of the one owners N54 bottom end build where he says the pistons are forged, you can clearly see they are not. Take it for what its worth.