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Havent lurked on here for a while, but crap tv and laptop in hand, thought I would see how BigMotorWorld aka rogue scammers were doing.

Delighted to see you guys are continuing to educate the unsuspecting punter from these cowboys who sell dodgy cars (see my thread re the X3 with 'vanishing' full service history if you are a newbie).

Regretably, these muppets are still trading, the good news is that they used to sell a lot of cars by the container to Ireland and righthand drive Europe with no viewings. Now the Euro is so much weaker and more UK punters are being educated, their business is feeling the pinch

Happy days and careful out there and avoid BigMotoringWorld, unless of course you want to be ripped off, cheated, lied to.

I wonder if they are still selling cars with the upgraded OEM alloys that are in fact cheap replicas

Happy days and will lurk back to hopefully see this thread alive and kicking (the crap out of their business)